Celebrating the love and beauty unique to you and your family

Enriching your home and family for generations to come

Hello! I’m Christina, owner, and Founder of Passera Fine Art Portraits.

I love what I do, because my work is all about affirmation, joy and celebrating family. 

My goal is your delight. Really! ‘Satisfaction’ won’t cut it. At Passera Fine Art Portraits we believe in providing luxury, hands-on service, meticulous planning, and efficient use of your time. 


  • Photography sessions:
    Maternity, Newborn, Family, Beauty, Teens/Graduation

  • One-to-one personalized consulting and planning

  • Individualized styling, makeup and designer clothing

  • In-studio and on location

  • In-home consult ensures your finished portrait complements your décor and personal style

  • Highest quality framing and album options

  • Best-in-industry safety standards, for you, your newborn and family

  • Your satisfaction guaranteed—always!

My guarantee for ALL you beautiful women

No matter how much of a hot mess you wake up the morning of your session, when you walk into my studio EVERYTHING that happens will make you realize this truth: 

“Wow! I am strong and beautiful! I don’t need anyone to tell me how gorgeous I am. I feel it.”








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